Terms and Conditions

Upon contracting services for the purchase and shipment of merchandise from our online portal, you agree to the following “Terms and Conditions”:

  1. Our Product

By making a purchase on our online store, you are receiving a quality artisanal product with a unique design.  All pieces are handmade by Ceramica Avalos, so there are no two products alike. 

The subtle differences in each of our pieces are considered unique features that give authenticity and originality.  This includes variations in the materials, as well as differences in dimensions, weight, and coating of the shades and textures that are generated during the production process. 

That is why when you buy our product, we promise to give you a quality product; however, we do not accept returns due to variations in size, color, and texture from one piece to another because of the elaborate artisanal process and lack of standardization. 

2. Production Process.

Our production is artisanal, meaning the craft of each piece can have variations in their dimensions, capacities, and weight. 

The values used in regard to diameter, height, volume, or any measurement in general are nominal values, in agreement with the general parameters of artisanal production. 

Every piece is unique and different due to the production, glazing, firing processes. There may be variations in color tones or coating effects from the hand-glazing process.  This may also apply to the firing conditions. 

All of these conditions make the product you receive unique and artisanal, each with its own individual characteristics. 

3. Buying Process.

The buying process consists of the following steps:

1. Create your account on our site so that you can have access to your order history and tracking. 

2. Login to our online store and select the products of interest and add them to your cart.

3. Click on View Cart and scroll to Confirm Order

4. Enter your information and shipping address during the checkout to process your shipment.  For more information about the use of your personal data, our Privacy Policy is available for you. 

5. Select your method of payment. 

6. Click on Finalize Order

If you request a larger or customized order with different features from the ones displayed on our online catalog, contact us through any of the listed means of communication listed in our Contact tab, and we will gladly provide you with a quote based on the needs of your business. 

4. Order Confirmation.

Once your order has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email, and the production process will be initiated.  Once your order has been made, we will send you pictures of the finished product with the variations in shade and texture via email.  With this email, you can verify the product that will be received, and you will be able to gain a general appreciation of the merchandise prior to packaging. 

Similarly, you will receive an email notification that your order has been shipped with suitable packaging, which we ask that you respond to promptly to generate your order tracking number. 

5. Shipping Costs.

By making an online purchase, the shipping costs can vary based on the weight and size of the package, as well as the delivery address.  The total cost of the shipment will be available once you have entered your shipping information into the portal. 

6. Payment Methods.

You can make your secure payment with the card of your choice through the payment services that we have provided or via electronic transfer.   

        1. Electronic Transfer via Bank Account:

        Account Number: 1068183128

        Routing Number (CLABE, in Spanish): 072 320 01068183128 6

        Bank: Banorte

        Recipient: Avakala, S.A. de C.V.

        2. PayPal, and

        3. Mercado Pago.

7. Delivery Times.

The lead time for your order is between 35 to 45 business days and you will receive an order confirmation email with the estimated delivery date.  However, the transit time will be determined by the logistics provider.

We are not responsible for the merchandise once it arrives to the packaging, freight, or transport facility.  Any product that is damaged, lost, or stolen is the responsibility of the consumer. 

The package will arrive at the address designated by the client per their order.  In the event that you would like to modify your order, we ask that you notify us no more than 48 hours after placing your order.  

8. Protection and Packaging of Shipment.

All of the orders will be packed in a cardboard box and reinforced (secured) as described below:

1. For the packaging of the entire order, double wall corrugated cardboard boxes will be used. 

2. Furthermore, each box will have a single layer of corrugated cardboard on the sides, base and at the top of the box. 

3. To begin the packaging, a double layer of Polypack and a corrugated cardboard cover will be placed at the base of the box. 

4. The packaging of each plate will use cardboard strips forming an accordion or zigzag shape in groups of no more than 4 pieces. 

5. Each group of 4 pieces will be packaged with an extra strip in order to hold the overlapping (in a crisscrossed way) of the package of plates. 

6. For bowls, the groups to be packaged will be in cardboard strips forming a cross to better protect the upper edge (i.e. the mouth) of each piece. 

7. Each group of 4 pieces will be packaged with an extra strip in order to hold the overlapping (in a crisscrossed way) of the package of bowls.

8. Once the plates are packaged in different groups, they are placed in the box with cardboard separators to avoid any potential contact between the ceramic pieces. 

9. The mugs are packaged individually to protect the handles and their upper edge (i.e. the mouth).


10. To finalize the packaging process, the merchandise is protected with a double layer of Polypack and a corrugated cardboard cover. 

Note: The images that are being shown are solely to illustrate the description of the packaging methods that we use.